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						Monoposto 1958 Motus Motorcycles F1 1

Monoposto Powered by Motus Motorcycle

Race Car Replicas of Fraser, Michigan has just completed this one-of-a-kind vintage replica of a 1958 F1 race car, powered by an American-made V4 engine from Motus Motorcycles of Birmingham, Alabama. Equipped with race-spec disc brakes and a T5 Tremec 5-Speed manual transmission, the addition of the 180hp Motus V4 turns this 1,200-lb, open-wheeled roadster into a real screamer. RCR’s Fran Hall says that packaging the V4 was quite easy, after an adapter plate and flywheel were made to mate to the standard automotive bell housing. Total build time on this project was four weeks. The Motus Baby Block MV4 is a pushrod-powered V4 that delivers massive torque across a wide, smooth power band. It speaks with an exhaust note unlike anything before it. Equally important, the mighty American V4 uses technology proven to be durable and easy to maintain, with the same small block architecture found in the most reliable and competitive engines, from popular American passenger cars and trucks to high performance racing vehicles.

The Motus crate engines are available now for purchase and are the ideal choice for anyone looking to package a compact, lightweight engine with a factory-tuned power output of 180hp at 8200 rpm and 126 lb/ft of torque at 5000 rpm. 

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