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Replicas in the Desert

Replicas Sell at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

By Jeff Bruss

A handful of Cobras and other interesting replicas crossed the Barrett-Jackson auction stage in Scottsdale this past weekend. While most prices were market-correct, a handful of cars were well bought in our opinion. 

Lot #505 Factory Five Shelby Roadster Race Car

At $33,000 including buyer fees, this car had to be the Cobra steal of the auction. Power comes from a 332-cubic inch, supercharged, fuel-injected V8 engine complete with an onboard Halon fire extinguisher and engine troubleshooting system. No performance specs are mentioned, but I'd wager at least 500 horsepower, probably even closer to 600. The car also features an onboard camera system, full roll cage and Recaro seats. While advertised as a racer, it appears to have all the street-legal brake and turn signals, though no apparent mirrors or wipers. This car should be worth twice what it sold for and the new buyer should consider this car very well bought. Enjoy, lucky buyer, enjoy.

Lot #780.1 Superformance Daytona Coupe

The auction catalog did no favors for this car. With zero details other than a "Carroll Shelby autographed glove box" in the description, buyers were left to research the specs on their own. From the photos, a Roush powerplant can easily be spotted and also a placard that should provide all of the engine details. It looks like it could possibly be the fuel-injected 427 with faux Webers. At $74,800 including premium, this Daytona Coupe is about half the price of a new coupe. For comparison, lot # 1043, a pre-owned Superformance Coupe in black with white racing stripes, sold for $107,800 at the very same auction. The buyer should be able to run and enjoy this coupe for the summer and still have some upside if they should choose to let her go.

Lot #999 Superformance Shelby Cobra

On the other end of the Cobra price spectrum was this Superformance model. Titled as a 2006 with just under 3,000 miles, we might be able to assume it is an actual 2006 model with a few minor upgrades like HID headlamps and those super-cool Goodyear racing slicks. Done up nicely in black with white stripes, this Cobra grabbed bidders attention to the lofty price of $110,000—certainly a huge number considering similarly equipped, brand new examples can be purchased for well under $100,000. The seller had to be happy here.

Lot #773.1 Factory Five 1933 Hot Rod Magazine Build

In 2013 Hot Rod magazine featured this car on its pages and ran it in the Hot Rod Power Tour the following summer. With 1,350 (assumed to be well-sorted) miles, this Coyote 5.0-powered replica 1933 Ford hot rod is stunning in photographs. The interior is well appointed with red over black leather and Simpson race harnesses. A chrome tilt-wheel and 4R70W automatic transmission are fitted for effortless weekend driving and custom Billet Specialties wheels complete the stance. Three other rodded-out 1933 Fords passed over the auction block, but this car took top honors at $51,700, and in our opinion, deservedly so. The price seems like a good deal for both buyer and seller. 

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