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Drivers’ Choice 2020: Gauge Category Winners

Last year we kicked off our second annual RCN Drivers’ Choice Awards program to recognize the top products and services in the world of replicas, unique classics and homebuilt cars. We posted 20 categories ranging from tools, tires and brakes, all the way up to complete turnkey vehicles and builder packages, and you voted for your favorites. Unfortunately we were not able to hand out our Drivers’ Choice Awards in person at the SEMA Show with its 2020 cancellation, but we look forward to recognizing our winners over the coming weeks here at rcnmag.com.

Cars are full of functional artwork inside and out, from sophisticated cast parts, to tubular headers and wood-rimmed steering wheels. But I feel like we pay special attention to the fine instruments on our dash, as they’re not only intricate and appealing on the eyes, but they also serve the special purpose of monitoring our critical engine functions and the speed of our travel. As such, we feel a special romanticism for fine instruments, and it comes as no surprise that the Gauge category of the 2020 Drivers’ Choice Awards was one of the largest categories this year with 10 companies nominated. Please join us in congratulating SMITHS Instruments for being awarded the gold medal in the Gauge category.

Smiths went into business back in 1851 as S. Smith and Son in London, specializing in jewelry, clocks and watches. The business grew in the following years, and the company actually produced the first British speedometer in 1900, then called a mileometer. By 1914, the company started specializing more in automotive products, and had become a dominant supplier of instruments for British cars and motorcycles by the early 1930s. Many significant automobiles manufactured in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s were outfitted with SMITHS Instruments, including the Aston Martin DB5, Jaguar E-Type, Shelby Cobras and Ford GT40s.

While SMITHS sold their automotive line many years ago, historic SMITHS-branded instruments are available once again for classic cars, which are manufactured by Caerbont Automotive Instruments with the blessing of Smiths Group.

Congratulations to SMITHS Instruments along with Cobra Valley and Stewart-Warner, who finished second and third in the Gauges category respectively.

Thanks to all who voted, along with all the companies nominated in this category!

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