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QuickJack vehicle lifts

QuickJack hydraulic lift units are a portable solution for servicing vehicles at home or in remote locations. Each lift consists of two 14-gauge steel ramps with hydraulic rams and dual-position automatic safety lock bars. Hydraulics are controlled by a portable power unit with quick-disconnect fittings and a flow divider for precise, equalized lifting. The control unit can be powered by a 110-, 220-volt or 12-volt DC power source for maximum versatility. The ramps provide 21 inches of lift and measure 3 to 3.6 inches high (depending on the model) when fully collapsed. The open-center design of the lift does not hinder access to the underside of the vehicle or wheel and suspension components. Lifts are available in 3,500-, 5,000- and 7,500-pound ratings, and adaptors can be fitted for vehicles with more ground clearance.

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