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Stand by me

Easy-Run engine test run stand

By Jonathan Light

Photos Courtesy of Easy-Run

Next to a premium-quality custom paint job, probably the most expensive single item on a project car is the engine. Especially a high-performance or competition mill. All the more reason, then, to make sure it’s running right before lowering it in between the fenders.

After all, wouldn’t you hate spending hours installing an engine, and because of an undetected problem, had to immediately remove it to make repairs? (And also risk damaging that equally expensive paint job?) 

It’s certainly no fun to go through this sort of hassle, so why not do a “preflight check” with an engine test stand? To illustrate, before installing a freshly rebuilt — and fairly pricey — 1966 Ford 428 V8 Police Interceptor, we decided it would be a good idea to evaluate it for proper operation. 

An engine test run stand allows running engines outside of the vehicle. Also, since the engine is exposed, this setup makes it easier to check for leaks, vibration, strange noises, and any other issues. Plus, it facilitates making repairs. Testing on a run stand also averts possible damage to the vehicle, and aggravation of removing and reinstalling the engine, saving time, hassle and money.

Having previous experience with the simplicity of Easy-Run’s engine test stands, we decided to try one out on our 428 ci engine. The stands are high-quality, well-engineered, durable, and have solid safety features. They’re fully adjustable and designed for universal applications by using a variety of mounts. Since the engine is a big-block V8, we ordered the optional big-block mounts.

Easy-Run’s Custom Series Deluxe engine stand arrives in six boxes via UPS Ground, with no truck freight involved. This not only provides for reduced shipping charges, it makes it convenient to receive. 

In addition, once assembled, it can be taken apart quickly and stored until needed. So it won’t take up much room in the shop when not in use. We ordered a Custom Series Deluxe run stand, which includes provisions for electrical, fuel and cooling systems, to get the most from our test run.

After assembling the stand, hooking up our engine and firing it up, all the vital signs looked good. But even better was the peace of mind in knowing this engine is good to go before putting it into our project car. 

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