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QA1 MOD Series Shocks

QA1 double-adjustable MOD series shocks

QA1’s new MOD series shocks are a double-adjustable shock absorber with some exciting new technology and capabilities. The shocks are adjustable for compression and rebound but also feature new technology that allows the shock to be completely revalved while on the car.

Five Allen bolts under each adjuster fasten the modular valve packs to shock body, allowing the shock valving to be altered without removing the shock from the car. The valve packs are dry, meaning that the revalving process does not interrupt the shock oil and debris is not allowed into the fluid. Making these adjustments normally requires that the shock be removed and modified, or replaced.

Shocks are a double-adjustable design with independent compression and rebound adjust with low-speed bleed control. Compression and rebound adjusters have a full range of 24 clicks for fine-tuning. Also fastened with Allen bolts, the base eyelet is indexable, so it can be removed and reattached at a different angle. Nitrogen-charged canisters are available in piggyback and remote configurations for the MOD series.

MOD series shocks are available for solid axle and IRS vehicles with standard and custom configurations available.

QA1 | 800/721-7761 | www.qa1.net

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