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QA1 Goes Hollywood

QA1 with Hollywood Hot Rods traditional-looking, adjustable shocks

QA1 has teamed up with Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods to release traditional-looking, adjustable shocks for street rods. In keeping with Ladd’s “Respect Tradition” motto, the Hollywood Hot Rods Series shocks are offered both front smooth body and rear threaded body and made of chrome-plated aluminum for show-quality appearance. For a nostalgic look, the front smooth body shocks have a chrome plated, bell shaped dust cover. Drivers can also get ride height adjustability with the rear threaded body shocks. A low profile slot-style adjuster allows 36 options of rebound adjustment with a comfortable compression setting. This inconspicuous adjuster tailors the shock for any setup, weight, spring rate and driving comfort to fit the needs of your hot rod or custom car setup.

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