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						Qa1 Carbon Fiber
QA1 REV Series Carbon-Fber Driveshafts

QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

QA1 brought their carbon-fiber driveshaft to the market back in 2014 as a lightweight and safe alternative to steel and aluminum driveshafts. In addition to the original 3.7-inch diameter, QA1 now offers 3.2-inch and 2.25-inch options that meet SFI’s 43.1 Standards for driveshaft safety and performance.

Each carbon-fiber driveshaft is application specific and is wound in-house with a nanoparticle-infused 3M Matrix Resin. CNC-machined forged yokes are added to driveshafts through an 11-step bonding process. Driveshafts are tested for balance and torsional stiffness, and are finished with 1310 or 1350 U-joints from Spicer. In the event of driveshaft failure, it has been found that carbon fiber driveshafts splinter, and do not cause the same damage as steel or aluminum shafts.

Like the original 3.7-inch diameter, new 3.2-inch diameter driveshafts with 1350 U-joints handles up to 2,000 hp and 1,500 ft-lbs of torque. The new 3.2-inch size maintains high performance while providing increased clearance for exhaust systems and small driveshaft tunnels. Smaller 2.25-inch-diameter driveshafts use 1310 U-joints and are designed for vehicles with up to 750 hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque.

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