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						Ffr Annual Homecoming Event 6

Factory Five's New 818 Coupe and 20th Anniversary Mk4 Roadster

Last year, a new 289 Cobra model debuted at Factory Five’s annual homecoming event. What was “in da house” at this year’s company BBQ? Well, besides a stunning assortment of the company’s Cobra roadsters and coupes, plus mid-engine GTMs and ’33 Fords, there was an exciting unveiling of a third version of the 818 (in addition to the street and track versions). This Subaru-powered “world car” was originally intended to be available as enclosed vehicle, but that option was delayed a bit—until now (see sidebar).

Also, in celebration of its 20th Anniversary, FFR revealed a new special edition of its Mk 4 Roadster, featuring the very latest in technology and parts. The package includes a powercoating on the frame, footboxes, and wheelwells, along with a 2015 Mustang IRS, Koni double-adjustable coil-overs, Wilwood brakes, 18-inch Halibrand wheels, custom logo gauges with a GPS speedo, polished exhaust and bumpers, and other premium trim items. Manufacturing is limited to 20 serialized kits, and the first one is being given to the Ohio Cobra Club to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Besides these new offerings, customer Ralph Button dramatically demonstrated the longevity and durability of his FFR, as he has put some 600,000 miles on his FFR Mk 1 Roadster. Now that’s one long hauler! 


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