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Factory Five’s “Solid Car Guys” show

Factory Five video series promotes customer build stories

We’re spoiled for choice these days when it comes to automotive shows on television. Unfortunately, it seems that the reality TV model is always applied to garage themed programs, leading to cookie-cutter shows where the builds are always behind schedule, the finished cars are gaudy as hell, and the garage is always one step away from going up in flames.

Factory Five seems to share this opinion, and got to work on a new series featuring real builds without the reality TV drama.

“My own personal feelings are that the outrageous gets the attention, whether its rude sports figures or garage shows that depict guys throwing parts along with f-bombs.” — Dave Smith, Factory Five President

Smith relayed that the company was looking for a way to share the stories they encounter of real people, real talent and car builds that influence peoples lives. FFR states that they’d be interested in bringing the program to larger audiences, but the main goal is to highlight amazing build stories.

In episode one of “Solid Car Guys,” the Factory Five crew shares the story of Scott Hespeler, and his family’s FFR ’33 Hot Rod powered by a classic 392 “Fire Power” HEMI engine. In the face of a family tragedy, the Hespelers were able to finish the hot rod project and honor a loved family member in a unique way.

We’re not going to give away any more, so get the whole story in the video below. 

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