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CapeFear Adds Honda S2000 Donor

In addition to using Miata donor parts, a new Honda S2000-based version of the CapeFear 7 is now under construction. Called the CapeFear 7 CF7h, it will be using the complete Honda drivetrain, but retain the NA/NB Miata suspension.

In related news, the C.R.S. CapeFear 7 has made a new front-fender style that decreases the amount of water and road debris coming into the car. Making the inside flare of the fender deeper catches and channels objects down instead of around the side of the inner flare. Both the new front fender and original 7 front fender fit 205/50/15 tires (23-inch diameter or less). CapeFear 7 rear fenders are available any width from 5 to 15 inches, and come with the mounting flange built on. Although these pieces were specifically designed for a CapeFear7, they should be able to fit for many car builders using tires within the specifications. 

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