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						Reaction Research Z3 Zgt Project 1
BMW Body Swap and Z-Car Conversions

Reaction Research progresses on new offerings.

Reaction Research’s BMW Z3-based ZGT project continues to progress toward completion. The BMW Z3 is a promising new donor platform, with a tremendous amount of performance potential and good support from aftermarket manufacturers, plus a well-designed convertible top. 

The first ZGT production hood has been installed on the mule car, and plug-work has shifted to the rear of the car. The trunk-lid skin and liner molds have been completed. Rear bumper prototyping is in-process, and rear fenders are being built up to match. 

In other news, Reaction Research continues to expand with other new projects. The company’s new Datsun Z-focused website is ZTrix. com. It features both Euro-style full body conversions and wide-body racing panels supplied to Datsun racers across the country, including the “Subtle Z” wide fenders used by Greg Ira on his famous orange 240Z. Greg is the reigning SCCA National Roadracing champion in the E-Production race class. Also, Albuquerque customer Mark Monda continues to develop his C4 Corvette-based GTO replica using an Alpha One GTO front clip and a Velo Rossa rear clip. Both were supplied by Reaction, which now owns the Alpha molds.

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