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						Reaction Research Zgt Rebody
Yet Another Bodacious Rebody

Reaction Research ZGT BMW Z3

Reaction Research is still hard at work on its ZGT rebody design for the BMW Z3 (1996 to 2002 models). The design of BMW's little roadster didn’t carry a lot of fans into recent times, so the prices have come down significantly, especially for a car that is quite mechanically sound and a delight to drive.

Reaction Research’s John Washington and Mark Kittleson have gotten all the small parts done and molded. Final work is underway on the hood liner as we go to press, and integrating the new rear fenders with the new trunk will follow. The first car should be done and delivered to its owner in the Bay Area around the end of July.

Meanwhile, a fascinating ZGT build blog is available to the public at www.FB.com/ZGTcar. You can see how much work goes into an original design, should you ever want to attempt one yourself.

The complete ZGT body kit will retail for a little over $9000. Due to the simple design of the Z3’s body mounting, average build time will be less than 40 hours to paint-ready stage, with no welding or cutting required.

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