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						One Off Multicolor Stalker Car 7

One-off design called the Stalker

Picasso was famous for his use of “found art,” creating sculptures out of ordinary objects. Jim Michaud employed a similar technique on this menacing one-off design called the Stalker, starting with an ’86 Pontiac Fiero chassis stretched nearly a foot in length, and then converted to a center-steering setup.

The body started life as a Diablo replica, but was modified with sculpting foam and fitted with a 2002 Corvette rear section and Toyota Celica GT headlights. He also used cut-down truck footrests in the cabin. The custom air cleaner for the 350 Chevy is fabricated from two-inch exhaust tubing.

Your eyes might deceive you in another way: Even though the photos seem to show several versions of a customized exotic, each with a different color of paint, it’s actually the same vehicle in each shot. Depending on where you stand and how the sun is shining, it can appear to be copper, violet or indigo. So it’s not only a shape-shifter, but a chameleon as well.

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