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						Kinetic Lotus 11 Kokopelli
Transplanted Lotus

The Kokopelli 11 Kinetic Vehicles

The Kokopelli 11 is joining the Kinetic Vehicles line of ‘60s-style sports cars. “We already make Locost and Haynes Roadster (two Lotus Seven inspired plans-built cars) components, plus our streamlined bodies for those cars,” notes Kinetic’s Jack Mc- Cormack. “I think the Kokopelli 11 will fit right in.” 

At present, Kinetic Vehicles is probably best known for its “MAX” car, which combines a Locost chassis, a Lola Mk1 body, and a 32-horse commercial lawn mower engine to get 100 mpg and a 90 mph top speed. 

“I’m pleased the Kokopelli will stay in production, and that current car owners will have factory support,” said former Kokopelli company owner Tom Rodgers, “Kinetic and Kokopelli are a good blend.” 

McCornack picked up the Kokopelli molds and tools from Rodger’s shop in Maryland on August 28 and expects to have the Kokopelli 11 in production in Oregon by the end of the year.

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