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VRaptor SpeedWorks GTM

Custom FFR GTM build for sale.

By Dean Larson

We first introduced you to the builder VRaptor SpeedWorks in our December 2017 feature story Trophy Time. That GTM had some unique paint and bodywork that was done by VRaptor, which included a unique rear-glass replacement panel that had louvers built in, and some unique power window frames. The company actually specializes in custom kit builds, and has built a number of GTMs. Their website lists eight GTM projects and finished cars, but that was as of 2010. Wayne Mills, the owner of the Trophy Time GTM, believes the company has completed over 30. This GTM for sale on eBay is one of VRaptor’s finished builds, and includes a host of body modifications and a 525 hp LS376 engine.

This GTM was completed in 2014 and has logged 8,000 miles since. The GM LS376 dishes out 525 horsepower in a completed car that’s said to weigh just 2,500 pounds. With that level of horsepower and no driving aids, (traction control, stability control, etc.) this car is surely not for the inexperienced driver.

An Infinitybox electrical system was built into the GTM, which provides some handy features borrowed from the latest production cars. A key fob locks the doors, arms and disarms an on-board security system, and the car is started and shut down with a push button without inserting a key. The GTM also has power windows, power mirrors and air conditioning.

You’ll also notice many unique alterations on the GTM’s bodywork. VRaptor SpeedWorks added their own rear glass replacement panel, rear wing mount, and venting on the rear hatch and bumper area. The car also has shaved door handles and rocker extensions. Black wheels from CCW and an adjustable carbon fiber APR GTC-300 rear wing complete the aggressive image.

This custom FFR GTM is listed on eBay for $79,999, top dollar for a completed GTM. See the eBay ad here for more.

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