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Topless Type 65 Coupe

Factory Five Spyder GT

By Dean Larson

It seems these days that the Daytona Coupe is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Shelby, Shell Valley and Superformance all make Daytona replicas, and Factory Five is on the third iteration of its Type 65 Coupe — arguably the most advanced Daytona yet. With all these coupes around, it seems one Daytona has slipped from our collective memory. One of the rarest and surely one of the oddest, the Factory Five Spyder GT is the wrongfully forgotten Daytona Coupe.

We won’t hold it against you if this is the first Spyder GT you’ve ever seen; after all, Factory Five built just 39 of these kits back in 2005. Word is that production was cut short to make room for the upcoming GTM at their facility. With the small number of kits sold and completed, it’s pretty rare to come across a Spyder GT in any condition, let alone one as nice as this example for sale on eBay.

From a mechanical standpoint, this Spyder has all the makings of a great performer. A stroked 347-ci Ford small block churns out 415 hp, and has been nicely dressed up with aluminum heads, an Edelbrock intake, billet front accessories and ceramic-coated headers. Power is directed by a TREMEC T5 transmission and a Ford 8.8-inch rear end. Factory Five options kits with independent and solid-axle suspensions using the 8.8, and we’re willing to bet this car uses the latter. Five-lug hubs and disc brakes are used on all-four corners.

There should be few, if any, complaints on the roadster’s aesthetics either, as the car has been finished to a high degree both inside and out. Agreeable shades of silver and white paint cover the car’s fiberglass bodywork and Ford Racing FR500 wheels compliment the finish well. The interior and was done by Bill Dunn Upholstery, and is well laid-out and understated.

The car has a great appearance overall, and begs to be taken out for a drive. The well-executed interior suggests going out for an evening cruise, either downtown, or down a back road. That said, the exterior screams track day car, and the car is definitely capable of both with a few modifications.

This Spyder GT is one of the more difficult cars to value that we’ve looked at recently. Surprisingly, we were able to find one Spyder GT to compare to, a burgundy 302-powered car on Hemmings. It’s not finished to the same level as the white and silver GT, but it’s nice overall, and a decent buy at just $36,900. This price comparison confirms my initial hunch to value this car like a similarly equipped Type 65 Coupe. By that logic, I’d estimate the value of this Spyder GT to be around $55,000.

See the seller’s ad here on eBay for more information.

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