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Sinister GTM at No Reserve

No Reserve FFR GTM

By Dean Larson

The Factory Five GTM’s refined profile lends itself well to a GT-style build, often seen finished with chrome wheels, rear spoilers and flashy paint. It’s far less often that a GTM comes on to the market that’s the exact opposite. GT-style builds are most often seen from $70,000 to over $100,000, but what would a darker GTM bring on an internet auction? To find out, we’re going to follow the sale of this sinister FFR GTM offered on eBay at no reserve.

This 2008 GTM is fairly standard from a mechanical standpoint. Power comes from a General Motors LS6, most likely a 405 hp version sourced from a 2001 to 2004 Corvette Z06, and gears come by way of a Porsche G50/50 transaxle. We assume suspension and brake components are also sourced from the C5 Vette, but it does look like some aftermarket brake parts have been used. The engine bay has been dressed up very nicely with, what appears to be, some stainless shrouding and intake piping. We commend the builder on this approach, as it looks like a simple way to class up the LS engine’s appearance.

Things start to get interesting on the GTM’s exterior. Instead of a flashy pearl or flaked paint, the builder chose a glossy neutral gray. This clean, single tone actually seems to update the GTM’s appearance and makes it look more contemporary than one finished in the GT style. The front splitter, side skirts, hood vents and trunk vents finished in black compliment the gray paint well, as does the carbon fiber rear-diffuser. The divisive point of the exterior for some will probably be the wheels. Supplied by Forgestar, the wheels look like most other GTMs, however, these have been finished in an anodized-style red. The wheels don’t ruin the look of the car for us, and we think they highlight the versatility of the gray paint.

Improvements we would make to this GTM are fairly minimal. In the otherwise nicely finished interior, the steering wheel reminds us a bit of an arcade game and the upholstery on the emergency brake looks like an afterthought. The ad also says that there are a couple missing trim pieces on the rear hatch, which should be addressed.

The seller claims that the GTM is in amazing condition and has not been mistreated in the 560 miles it has travelled. This car is listed at no reserve and, at the time of this writing, the current bid is $35,401 with a total of 41 bids placed. We’re interested to see if this sinister GTM can meet or exceed the market on GT-style cars, and with a no reserve auction, we’ll have a definite answer. Check for an update after the auction ends Monday morning. 

** While the seller of this GTM listed it at no reserve, they must have reserved the right to end the auction at any time. Because the auction was ended early, our questions about the GTM's value go unanswered.  

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