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For sale, Lamborghini replica with Ford 289

Beyond its status as a pillar of 1980s culture, the Lamborghini Countach is a standout in automotive design. Its trapezoidal panels were penned in 1971 by designer Marcello Gandini, who was then still young and impractical. The cabin-forward design, “scissor doors” and V12 engine of the Countach remained central to the Lamborghini formula long after it went out of production in 1990.

The Countach was a success because it was radical inside and out, from front splitter to quad-exhaust tips. In fact, just the sight of the low, flat Countach body conjures the individual throttle bodied V12 soundtrack to memory. So imagine instead the mental Countach body with an American soundtrack, particularly the Ford Windsor variety.

Offered for sale on eBay is this freshly built Countach replica with HiPo 289 under the hatch. That’s right, a genuine 1965 dated K-code 289 made famous in the 289 Cobra. The rare power plant is nestled inside a custom-built tubular frame finished with 1987 Corvette rear suspension and Mustang II front suspension. The radical bodywork has been replicated with a steel-reinforced fiberglass, and five-hole wheels complete the look.

It takes a focused read through the seller’s description to fully understand the effort put into the build. We’re not certain what the HiPo Lambo will sell for, but we’ll update you with the hammer price if there is a successful sale. See the seller’s description here on eBay.

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