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Sage Green Sensation

Backdraft RT3 Roadster for sale

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

In the vast Cobra replica market, every company has to differentiate themselves to make a name. Backdraft Racing, for instance, offers turnkey-minus rollers, as opposed to kits, and their cars have an aggressive persona with sinister paint schemes, well-trimmed interiors and large-diameter wheels.

Florida dealer Naples Motorsports has an array of Backdrafts listed on eBay, but there was something about this Sage Green roadster that stuck out. It’s a bit more traditional than your average RT3 roadster, but still has all detail work and trim level that we’ve come to expect in a Backdraft.

The appeal of this Cobra really starts with that gorgeous Sage Green paint, which an Aston Martin color, accented by Ferrari Grigio Ingrid stripes. The shades really gleam in the Florida sunshine, and work really well with the chrome and stainless details on the car. The interior is a knockout as well, with beautiful “dove” leather on the seats, dash and door cards. Accented by a beautiful wood grain wheel, this cockpit looks like a lovely place to watch the miles fly by.

And fly by the miles will, with 480 horses under the hood courtesy of a 427 ci Ford V8 and TREMEC T5 transmission. The seller hasn’t provided any additional information, but we’d assume we’re looking at a punched out Windsor-based small block here in the squeaky-clean engine bay.

Another thing that makes the Backdraft Cobra interesting is its running gear. The RT3 uses a standard ladder-type chassis in conjunction with BMW E36 front and rear suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. That means you’ve got a modern independent rear suspension system, and as well as readily accessible upgrades and replacement parts.

With a hot small-block driveline and a finely polished appearance, this Backdraft sure looks like a Cobra you could settle down with. Naples Motorsports is asking $67,995 for the car, making it one of the more affordable Backdrafts on their lot. But given this price is a “Buy it Now” figure, there’s likely a bit of wiggle room if you show up in the showroom.

See the Backdraft here on eBay.

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