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						New Street Cobra 8
The New Street Cobra

New Street Cobra

By Dean Larson

Photos Courtesy of Fast Lane Classic Cars Inc.

While racing was always the end game for the Shelby Cobra, homologation rules mandated that road-going versions must be built to qualify for the FIA GT class. Building a vehicle of production quality fit and finish was no walk in the park for Shelby’s small-scale outfit, but street Cobras were built and became the crown jewels of dealership showrooms. Street-going Cobras were, essentially, racecars with some small changes. They lacked roll bars and side pipes, giving them a refined look more suited to curvy back roads than road courses. Race engines were de-tuned in these examples, and in the case of some 427 street Cobras, sometimes switched all together in favor of more tame production engines. While roll bars, side pipes and aggressive power plants are usually key elements of a Cobra build, this Backdraft Cobra offered for sale by Fast Lane Classic Cars takes a different approach, and strikes us as the old street Cobra incarnate.

Backdraft Cobras are some of the most aggressive looking Cobra replicas and are often seen with intense paint schemes and black wheels, but we enjoy this example’s reserved look. The wide 18–inch Trigo wheels could compliment any paint shade in their blasted, or as cast, finish and have a little extra flair thanks to the low-profile Falken Azenis tires. Just like the original street Cobra, this Backdraft has no roll bar or side pipes to break up its lines, or burn your leg on, as the seller has pointed out. 

Instead of a temperamental high-strung engine, a Ford Coyote 5.0 liter is found under the hood. It appears that most of the Coyote crate’s components have stayed with the engine and have been nicely shoehorned into the engine bay. Looking at the carbon fiber intake piping, aluminum overflow tank and braded line work, its clear a lot of effort went into making the Coyote howl.

The interior on the Backdraft is more nicely appointed than many replicas with excellent-looking tan leather. A red Cobra shift knob tops the slightly bent shift rod of the Tremec five-speed transmission. The shift angle is less drastic than the original Cobra, but the look is a clear tip of the hat to the old Shelby design.

This Backdraft Cobra is beautiful inside, outside and underneath and is one of the most interesting Cobras for sale right now. It has just under 2,500 miles on the clock and is priced at $59,995, not terrible for a car appointed so well. Check it out at Fast LaneCars.Com

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