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						Black Backdraft Cobra Replica 1

Blacked-Out Backdraft Cobra

Text and Photos by Steve Temple

Shelby’s favorite Cobra number was 65. He never explained exactly why, other than to say he used it on a number of his successful race cars. So maybe it was good-luck charm or something for him.

How about going one better—literally? That was thinking behind this #66 (65 + 1, get it?) replica from Backdraft, customized by Vintage Motorsports. Actually, the concept for this blacked-out bad boy was originally numbered 666, but it conjured up an evil association with Beelzebub, so the six was dropped. Now it’s a more socially acceptable Route 66, or simply the 66 Edition.

This package consists of a paint scheme in Tuxedo Black Metallic with Black Stripes and Porsche Orange Outline Stripes. The interior is black leather and carpet with orange deviated stitching.

The engine is the 2014 formula for the VMS 427X, built by Speed Logics and installed by Vintage Motorsports. Rated at 545hp, the chassis dyno indicated 465 rwhp at 5600 rpm, and 462 lb/ft at 4100 rpm (both figures STD corrected). Mated to this mill is a Tremec TKO-600 5-speed manual and Centerforce DF clutch.

Under the hood you can see the “VMS Prime” logo. It’s a clever take on the USDA Prime mark, highlighting a very detailed install that includes hiding of factory wiring and color coordinating engine components and trim, right down to the use of Hose Candy coverings to complete the look.

Other unique components of this build include the billet shift handle with the obnoxious shift knob (5th gear reads “Effing” Fast). The headlights are full LED conversions with a Hi/Lo function and rubber trim on the headlight housings. The hood and trunk latch handles feature a newly developed line with Metro Molded Products that have a “hugger” lip around them for a more modern factory appearance.

The car has been purchased by Tim Schreifels of Rogers, MN, who had Backdraft make a few changes that include the installation of a Diffsonline 3.73 LSD rear, a passenger roll bar, and a dropped floorpan to accommodate his size-13 feet and 6’ 5” frame. So maybe the digits describing his too-tall height are where the 65 number came from—plus going one better, just for good measure. 

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