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						Backdraft Iconic 9
Turnkey Backdraft Cobra Roadster

Backdraft Iconic Edition cobra roadster

By Dean Larson

Back in the inception of fiberglass and the low volume auto market, there weren’t a lot options for customers, and you had to be a diverse craftsman to build your own unique car. Companies sold body conversions back then, not step-by-step packages for building your own vehicle.

Compare that with the present day, and you’ll see just how far the low volume auto industry has come. There are more options than ever for DIY builder kits, and there are great options out there too for those who don’t have the time or skills to build on their own. Take this Backdraft Cobra roadster for example. It’s a complete, turnkey vehicle with loads of curb appeal and excellent fit and finish.

Backdraft Iconic 3

This model is an iteration of Backdraft’s RT3 Roadster called the Iconic Edition, which pairs reserved looks with a 427 cubic inch Ford V8. The ad doesn’t specify if whether those 427 cubes come from a punched out, rev-happy Windsor block, or the iron 427 FE, but it does specify a TREMEC T-5 transmission. The T-5 is not rated for the big block’s torque, so this is likely a Windsor-based engine, and the dealer claims it makes a whopping 480 hp.

One look around this Backdraft proves you won’t be left wanting for presentation. The Porsche dark blue paint accents the Cobra’s shape well, and it’s a shade you probably won’t find often on another Cobra. The 18-inch Halibrand-style knock-off wheels and Nitto tires are a nice update on classic look. Finish it off with the right amount stainless and chrome accents, and you’ve got an attention-grabbing machine.

Possibly one of the best selling points on this car is the interior. Remember the days when the phase “kit car” was synonymous with “needs interior work?” Well this Backdraft sure doesn’t. With black leather upholstery, matching black carpet, a wood-rimmed wheel and a full array of Autometer gauges, we’re left wanting for the keys and sunny July drive.

This Backdraft Iconic Edition is being sold by Naples Motorsports for $64,995.

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