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One of Two: Behrens Fiberglass Convertible

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

I always get excited when someone claims to have a rare or unknown fiberglass car in their possession, because you just never know what you’re going to find. Maybe it’s a Byers, or a Victress, or even a Glasspar. With the sheer volume of kit cars and customs built during the eras of classic glass, there seems to always be new models to uncover, and new stories to tell as well. But with this latest fiberglass mystery machine that’s come to my attention, I have more questions than answers. I present for your consideration, the Behrens convertible, allegedly one of just two built.

I feel like with most rare birds like this one, you can usually find something on the web — some sort of additional information to back the seller’s ad. But in this case, we have nothing else to go off of, leading me to believe that this car’s been hidden away in the seller’s collection a long time. With just two allegedly built sometime in the 1960s, the Behrens convertible was likely one man’s quest to build his own personal sports car, rather than an effort to build a marketable kit car.

What we do know is that the Behrens is based on the tried-and-true air-cooled VW platform, and this one sports a dual-port engine with a few mods. The body styling is a bit controversial, definitely outside of the box, but some of its features are quite pleasing. The car feels a bit like a Corvair concept car from the rear, with the scoop, headrest bumps and ’65 Chevrolet taillights. Like the LaDawri Conquest, the Behrens appears to use a General Motor’s truck windshield, which is flipped upside down and has an early Corvette feel. The interior is also pretty nice for a little hobby car, and everything appears to be well sorted. A “like-new” canvas top is included in the sale, along with original plans for the car, which would likely fill in many of the gaps regarding this car’s inception.

The seller is asking $24,000 for the car here on Victoria, BC, Craigslist, but that could be Canadian dollars, since the seller is located in British Colombia. Either way, it’s hefty price to pay for such an unknown machine, but chances are, there’s someone in the world who needs to own this car. For the seller’s sake, let’s hope they $24,000 need it.

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