Top 5 Strangest “Replica” Vehicles We Found in June

Posted June 25, 2018

By Dean Larson

There are plenty of treasures to be found on Craigslist, and that’s probably what makes it so addicting. The next bargain buy, barn find or gruesome Oldsmobile Alero rat rod truck could just a few scrolls away, waiting to be discovered and add to the mess in your yard. Currently, I have 27 Craigslist tabs open, and by that authority, you’ll surely believe me when I say the following are the five strangest “replica” vehicles for sale right now.

5th: 1969 Shalako GT

Weird Replicas June13

The estranged son of the Ferrari breadvan and the Meyers Manx is up for adoption on Craigslist, and can be yours for just $8.

In a weird 1970s way, I can appreciate this car as one of the strangest, most unique VW-based kit cars. However, a high degree of that appreciation might just stem from the slot mag wheels and blue metalflake paint. Its details are crude, and it’s all-together a weird mix of styling cues, but the seller assures that the car runs and drives, and has a connection to the late custom car icon, George Barris.

While we can’t verify the Barris connection, we’re confident you’ll actually need roughly $8,000 (and youthful agility) to get yourself into the driver’s seat of this Shalako GT. See the ad here on Green Bay area Craigslist.

4th: Severely “pimped out” Porsche replica

For what it’s worth, I can say with a high degree of certainty that this is the most “pimped out” Porsche replica in existence. Take a quick breeze through the list of aftermarket features and you’ll surely agree: new chameleon paint job, 10-inch touch screen, carbon fiber spoiler, 20-ish inch wheels, etc.

We first stumbled up this eye-catcher last summer, and not much has changed since then (including the price).This custom is surely without equal in the vast array of 917 replicas on the market, and can be yours for the low price of $18,000. Check out the full list of features on the seller’s ad here.

3rd: Pickup-based Stutz Bearcat

Take immediate delivery of this 1913 Stutz Bearcat replica if you’re ready for unrelenting questions from bystanders with questioning looks. This model allows you to experience simplistic 1960s pickup truck mechanicals, in an open-air roadster form. Based on a 1966 Ford truck and titled as a 1913 Stutz, this replica runs, drives and stops, and can be yours for just $2,600.

The Stutz can be found here on Lincoln, Nebraska Craigslist.

2nd: Adding weight: Westfield Seven

If you think that Colin Chapman guy was full of crap, and what the Lotus Seven really needed was some American V8 horsepower, then grab a trailer and $2,800 bills and set your GPS to Puyallup, Washington. This obscure “Westfield Flyer kit car” has a lot going on, including a rebuilt 351 Cleveland engine, but we have a few questions before we’re ready to sign the title.

The first thing we’d like to know is what donor this wild machine is built on. Its ride-height is 4x4-worthy, and the whole vehicle looks to be about 1.5-times the size of any Seven I’ve ever seen. The windshield has me saying MGB, but nothing else about this car says "small British sports car." Our second question is can we take the Cleveland and rad boogey van instead? And one more thing, what's up with bear trap in the front lawn?

This Westfield Flyer “must go,” see the ad here on Seattle Craigslist.

1st: S10-based ’32 Bugatti

Weird Replicas June10

This Chevrolet S10 has undergone quite the transformation. With stout four and six-cylinder engines, manual transmissions and rear-wheel drive, one might see why the first generation Chevrolet S10 is a prime donor to start your 1932 Bugatti replica build. But clearly that wont be necessary, as the builder has already crafted this example. The bodywork appears to be of a sheet metal and rivet construction, and optional wheel spinners, hood pins, bikini top and Bugatti badging have been spec’d on this model.

In need of more convincing? You need only to hear the current owner’s accolades:“Like new,” “excellent condition and runs excellent,” everywhere you go, people notice!”

With a cool $3,700, you could be signing you name on the back of a clear Indiana title and driving home in this stylish drop top. See the seller’s ad here.

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