SEMA Oddities

Posted February 27, 2018

Walking the aisles at the SEMA Show, you'll be hard pressed to find many average, or mild vehicle builds. It seems that everything displayed is above and beyond, pushing the bounds of the industry. With everyone trying to out-do everyone, you're bound to have a few "oddities." Now there's obviously a good kind of weird, but there's also just plain weird. We'll let you be the judge of what's what, but we've put together this selection of everything odd and eye-catching at SEMA 2017 for your consideration. 

Hemi Prius? Weird, but definitely hot rod, so we'll put it under good weird. This Prius built by American Racing Headers of New York is actually a Hellcat-powered chassis with a Prius body on top. The 1,000 hp Hellcat engine puts power down through a Tremec transmission and Ford 9-inch rear end. The car currently runs 9-second quarter miles, but the owners report that it should make the 8s with some additional tuning. 

This cool dirt track racer is a throwback to the early days with a wholly modern stance. This cool dirt car in the Treadwear tire lettering booth has a unique look that makes more sense when you consider its name—project tarantula. Its low, wide stance with a stout bug-like body is perfect for the name, and the positioning of the headlights is the icing on the cake. 

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