Rainbow-Wrapped Roadster

Ever see the movie Heavy Metal?
Posted April 18, 2017

By Jeff Bruss

I know exactly what you're thinking, "That is so sweet, I hope the minimum bid is affordable." If you don't want your dreams shattered, stop reading now.

This 1998 Factory Five Cobra replica in Saint Petersburg, Florida is optimistically priced at $50,000 Buy-It-Now. When you consider the cost of a rainbow-colored wrap with a slithering cobra gliding down the sides, and bikini-clad, ginger-haired vixen showing no fear as a cobra coils to attack her jugular on the hood, the price starts to make more sense. At least that's what the nine people who are watching this car must be thinking.

The colorful, venom-filled wrap certainly narrows the prospective group of buyers for this Cobra. The crazy part is that underneath is a lemon-yellow car with two white full-length stripes that actually presents very well.

An older Factory Five with 37,000 miles on the odometer is a pretty tough sell at $50,000. The money in this snake primarily lies in the motor, a 302 stroked to 347 with all kinds of goodies. Built in 2013 by Fordstrokers in Carol Stream, Illinois, there's no doubt some serious dough tied up in the engine. The specifications go into great detail on eBay regarding the motor. Despite there being 2-3 photos of the princess on the hood, you won't find one picture of the power plant or the interior.

If I'm the seller, I'd remove the rainbow wrap and re-list this car with some new exterior, interior and engine photos. A video of the motor running so we can hear that cam would be some sweet music too. I'd also consider pricing it with something that starts with the number three.

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