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Intriguing Fiberfab Jamaican finds

By Dean Larson

Photos: Sellers, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

I’ve always appreciated the Fiberfab Jamaican as the elegant and exotic super coupe that brothers Chris and Russell Beebe designed it to be. The refined fiberglass body could be affixed to plentiful TR3, TR4, MGA and Austin Healey donors, and reflected styling cues from the priciest cars of the day. Most compare the Jamaican to the rear-mid engine Lamborghini Miura, and while the cars are two very different animals, the influence is quite clear — especially in the cabin and tail section. Finished nicely with a set of wire wheels, the Jamaican makes my early-glass bucket list every time, along with the Glasspar G2 and Victress C2 coupe.

Unfortunately the Jamaican is one of the less common Fiberfabs on the market, and they rarely surface for reasonable prices. While cruising the classifieds today, I came up with a couple interesting Jamaican finds, one being half a complete Jamaican body, and the other being a wildly modified Jamaican with a 402 small-block Chevrolet.

One of You Needs this Body

The first ad that grabbed my attention was this Facebook Marketplace ad from Colfax, California for half a Jamaican body. Clearly this isn’t enough to start a project with, but given the completeness of the body section and that it appears to be a new, unused piece, I know there’s someone out there that needs this body. The doors are hung, the dash top is there and everything looks to be in good shape. If someone you know has a forlorn Jamaican with crappy doors, or severe damage to the roof, (or if you happen to have nothing more than a Jamaican hood section in your backyard), this body could be just the ticket.

The seller is asking $1,000 for the piece, but I’d imagine the pool of buyers isn’t huge for such an item, and you can probably get it cheaper than that. Find the body here on Facebook Marketplace.

A Hot V8 Take

Look past the ginormous hood scoop, side pipes and huge wheels, and sure enough, this wild custom was once a Fiberfab Jamaican. It’s clearly lived many lives considering the various shades of patina, and its current owner has gone to great lengths to build a suitable V8 platform under the car. It appears to be entirely a custom job, done mostly in square tube with a Mustang II front end and a narrowed four-link rear. It’s powered by a 402 small-block Chevrolet with a huge single-plane intake, and backed by a Turbo-350 automatic.

I don’t know that I see this car returning to its roots anytime soon, as it’s been extensively modified and the owner is $20K proud of the nearly-finished product. That being said, I’m sure it’s fast as all hell and gets more “so what is it?” questions than anything in a 100-mile radius.

See the wild Jamaican custom here on Buffalo Craigslist.

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