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Is this LaDawri Conquest Worth Reviving?

VW-based LaDawri Conquest project car

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

The wonderful thing about fiberglass for auto body purposes is that it won’t rust away like a conventional steel panel will in tough conditions. That’s one reason why so many classic fiberglass car bodies are still around today. But that doesn’t mean that fiberglass bodies are invincible, as they’re subject to their own unique demises, including cracking, crazing, warping and delaminating. The upside is however that damaged fiberglass can be corrected pretty easily, much more so than steel if you’re not super talented with a welder. Even so we have to wonder sometimes if a heavily damaged fiberglass car can be repaired, and if it makes financial sense to do so. Case in point, this LaDawri Conquest on Kansas City Craigslist.

LaDawri’s Conquest body was a unique roadster designed to fit on most any donor with a 54-59-inch wheelbase. Its main stylistic elements consist of a split circular grille (which separates it from the Sebring) and a General Motors’ truck windshield, flipped upside down for a more streamline shape. As classic glass continues to appreciate, these early LaDawri cars continue to be seen at more upscale events, along with commanding better sale premiums.

This Conquest on Craigslist has gone a bit wayward though. It’s based on an air-cooled VW donor, which was common practice, but the steel VW pan is completely rusted away in some areas, and it’s definitely lost its structural integrity at this point. The bodywork is also in really rough shape. It’s clearly damaged along the driver’s side, and the bare fiberglass is exposed along the rear and will need a lot of work to regain its structural and visual qualities.

That’s probably enough for most people to write this car off, but I don’t think I’d be able to let it die — it’s gotta be those Torq-Thrust wheels… But rather than try to save the roached VW running gear, I’d be really tempted to find an MG or Triumph donor for the project, or even a completely custom chassis if you’re good with a welder. It’s tough to tell from the photos, but I think the body could be saved without too much work. After all, it’s only resin and glass mat — and all your free time!

The LaDawri Conquest asks $4,500 here on Kansas City Craigslist.

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