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$500.00 Cobra Body on Craigslist

Cheap Cobra body for sale on Craigslist

By Dean Larson

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a Cobra body sitting for sale in a front lawn, yard sale style. If you’re a Cobra guy, (and even if you’re not) there are roughly 500 reasons you should be picking up the phone right now.

This listing found on Los Angeles Craigslist seems to be a Cobra project that never got off the ground and is now selling at a “get it gone” bargain price. First of all, lets get the negatives out of the way. There’s basically no information on the listing at all other than “Cobra kit car body (fiberglass).” With out additional information or closer photos, it’s tough to make any guesses on the Cobra’s origins. It’s also just a body we’re talking about here, and we’re forced to assume that latches, hinges and other parts are not included. It looks like the doors, trunk lid and dash might be floating around the interior, but that’s probably about it. 

But it’s doubtful that these factors will deter buyers with a price tag this low. While it’s tough to assign a value to a bare Cobra body, here’s our take. We’d be willing to bet a fiberglass body accounts for roughly $2,000 to $3,500 of the total price of a Cobra kit, and the individual parts are probably discounted when purchased together as a complete kit like most manufacturers sell. So if there's a buyer out there looking for a bare body, this one is near-impossible to beat on price. But it’s not only builders who will be looking to scoop this body up.

Last May, a few of us from the RCN staff investigated a Cobra kit we found locally on Craigslist for $2,400. The car ended up being really rough and we passed on it, but the seller had no trouble cashing out of the dilapidated roadster. He said he received so many calls from across the country that he ended up taking his listing down after just a few hours. Many of the interested parties were actually looking to use the Cobra body as a plug for making other fiberglass bodies and parts. That's definitely another possible future for this roadster body.

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A relic of a Cobra kit the we found on Craigslist last May.

At the time this was written, the listing was still active on Craigslist, and seemingly still available, but we’re assuming it won’t be for much longer. It’s probably only lasted this long because the seller has (appropriately) listed it in “auto parts” instead of “cars and trucks.”

So if you’re looking for an ambitious and custom Cobra project, or to make some money on a quick flip, check out the listing here.

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