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						Victress C2 7
Victress C2 Coupe

1955 Victress fastback racer

By Dean Larson

We’ve always been fans of the tall fastback roofline of the Victress C2 and C3. In fact, we jumped in the car immediately when we found a La Dawri Castilian on Craigslist a couple months ago within a couple hours of our HQ. (Unfortunately we couldn’t strike a deal on the Castilian, but seeing it was worth the drive.) When finished just right, these early fiberglass fastbacks echo design elements from the E-Type Jaguar and the Aston DB4, but in a simple and unique profile. If you fancy the simple elegance of the Victress like us, check out this early C2 for sale now on eBay.

As an early player in the fiberglass scene, Victress carved out a market by designing some of the best-looking bodies of the '50s fiberglass era. With only 50 examples sold, the C2 and slightly larger C3 did not sell as well as some of the other Victress models, making them quite rare today. Soon, Victress was too busy with other fiberglass work to worry about car bodies and sold its designs to La Dawri, who would refine the designs and sell three times as many coupes.

Although the C2 was originally designed to re-body small foreign cars like the MG, Healy and Volkswagen, this C2 on eBay has been built on a full tubular chassis and V8 engine. The chassis looks well designed, with A-arm suspension on all four corners and a sturdy-looking roll bar. The aforementioned V8 is a Ford 289 hooked up to a T10 four speed, an appropriate choice that looks right at home in the chassis.

It appears the C2 was destined to be a racer when its restoration was halted midway through. Aside from the bright orange paint, the exterior is quite raw with exposed rivets on the doors and hood. The seller also mentions a set of billet knock-off wheels that allegedly cost over $6,000.

As long as the work was done well on the car, most of the big jobs are done. The car obviously needs plumbing, electrical, glass, tuning and more, but it is a nice looking example that might even be legal for vintage road racing. The no reserve auction ends in about two days and the current high bid is $6,800. 

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