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Best Deal on a Cobra Today—June ’19

FFR USRRC/FIA roadster for $28,900

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

There are a lot more factors that go into buying a secondhand Cobra roadster than say, a used Honda Civic. The latter was made in many standard configurations with a few driveline options and basic interiors. Simply find one in a color you like in good condition with an acceptable odometer readout, and you’re off to the races. Well not literally, as the Civic’s four-cylinder engine is better suited to commuting. For the races, you’d want the Cobra roadster, but there are a ton more factors that go into picking the right secondhand Cobra.

Looking at your options and your budget, you’ve gotta determine what kind of Cobra are you after. Is it homebuilt kit, like a Factory Five, Shell Valley or Ultimate Classic Cars? Or maybe it’s a factory built car, like a Superformance or Forma Cars product. You have to consider the use of donor parts, paint, condition and of course price, as all these alter the amount of cold hard cash you’ll have to give up.

That brings me to this Factory Five roadster on eBay, as the car presents terrific value for money. At $28,900, it’s definitely on the more affordable end, as the cheapest Cobras you’ll find hover between $20,000 and $25,000 (and they’ll almost always have needs). On the contrary, this car is well sorted out, and it’s a donor-free build utilizing all new parts. And for the nostalgia fans, this Cobra is actually FFR’s 289 USRRC/FIA car, which sells for a couple thousand more than the standard MkIV Roadster and is seldom seen at this price point.

On entry-level specs alone, this Cobra already has a leg up on the competition, and that continues through the rest of the car. A ’68 date-coded 289 ci V8 lives under the hood, and you could argue that this goes against the no donor parts claim, but I’d call it a positive for authenticity. Aluminum Trick Flow heads, a COMP valvetrain and some mindful oiling upgrades should make this engine a great driver for years to come. Power is sent through a TREMEC five-speed to a Moser 8.8 WaveTrac differential. Koni shocks on all-four corners are a huge bonus, and the car is also fitted with Factory Five’s Deluxe Three-Link rear suspension.

The interior of the Cobra has only a couple needs, and is really pretty good for the price. The FIA style roll bar, shifter and transmission tunnel are all present, and the black low-back seats contrast the blue carpeting perfectly.

Really, the only thing that everyone might not go for on this roadster are the blacked out trim items. But considering those consist of jack points, the roll bar and light bezels, that shouldn’t be a big deal. Personally, I’d clean up some of the interior items and replace the tires with Avon CR6ZZ tires for a more period correct look, and then drive the wheels off this thing. And with just 850 miles on the odometer, there should be years of enjoyment in store for this car.

If you're not sold on the roadster yet, head over to Factory Five's site and price it out yourself. If we got the spec sheet right on this Cobra, it's literally selling for less than the complete kit originally cost.

See the seller's ad here on eBay.

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