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GT40: Finishing Details Required

Race Car Replicas GT40

By Dean Larson

Where did we find this awesome RCR GT40 for sale? California? Texas? Florida? Nope. This burgundy bargain buy is up for sale within three hours of RCN headquarters, in the small town of Bloomer, Wisconsin. The car is in need of a few finishing details, but all the heavy lifting has already been done and it’s even registered.

The RCR GT40 features an accurately shaped fiberglass body draped over an entirely modern chassis. The TIG-welded, aluminum monocoque is finished off with CNC machined billet aluminum uprights, control arms and bracing on all four corners. The RCR has a reputation for being a greatly improved design with a more intensive build process than other GT40 kits.

The RCR offered here on Minneapolis Craigslist is a nice looking example, perfect for someone wanting a great performing car without the extensive build time. The seller invested some nice components into the build including Weber carbs, a ZF Pantera transaxle, Wilwood brakes, Halibrand wheels and a 408 cubic-inch Windsor-based V8. The finishing details needed according to the seller are various cosmetic touches and some testing and tuning. The car was also titled in Wisconsin in 2015, which perspective buyers will greatly appreciate.

The seller is asking $68,500 for the GT, a decent deal in our eyes when you consider the time and money invested. The Deluxe Plus GT40 kit from RCR ran the builder about $42,000 alone, and that doesn’t include the engine or transaxle. GT40s are some of the most expensive replicas on the market and prices are most often in the triple digits. So if you’re looking for an affordable GT and don’t mind investing a little in the details, this burgundy RCR could fit the bill.

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