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Five Hot Cars on the RCN Classifieds Right Now

By Dean Larson

Loads of great cars have been posted for sale in the RCN Classifieds lately. Here's a quick tasting of five interesting cars (in no particular order) for sale right now. Click the links for more information and post your own free classified ad here.


#5 World’s Only Four-Seat, Mid-Rear Engine Convertible

It’s 1984, and you want it all in your next Ferrari; convertible, mid-engine layout, V8 power, and a true backseat for the kids. What are you driving off the lot in, obviously it’s the Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Cabriolet. In fact, the Mondial Cabriolet is the only vehicle to ever be built in this specification, and it’s the rarest iteration of the model with only 629 examples built between ’83 and ’85.

Drop the top and pile in with three of your closest friends, family or complete strangers. Either way, you’ll enjoy 245 free-breathing hp from the Mondial’s new cylinder head with four valves per cylinder. Couple that with five-speed manual transmission, stellar leather upholstery and righteous ’80s looks, and you’ve got a practical exotic for less than the price of a new pickup.

See the seller’s ad here on the RCN Classifieds.

#4 Superformance Daytona Coupe

This Superformance Coupe looks to be a great combination with the right mix of show and go. Blending old and new, the exterior is finished in royal blue with white stripes and is accented with period-correct details and modernized FIA-style wheels. The car has been maintained by Dennis Olthoff’s North Carolina shop, and has been driven by Bob Bondurant and signed by many others.

The seller describes the car as being “properly sorted for the street or track,” and appearances seem to confirm that. The car has racked up 9,000 miles and has roll-up side windows and a glass rear windshield, suggesting that it’s no slouch for long trips. But should you find yourself on a closed circuit, the Roush 427 ci engine, six-piston brakes and Nitto 555S tires should treat you right, and ensure the kind of performance you’d expect in such a racy package.

Titled in Ohio as a 1965 Shelby Specially Constructed, this Daytona is clean and clear for the streets. Check out the seller’s ad here on the RCN Classifieds.

#3 Pop the Hood: DOHC-Equipped FFR

A plain-Jane Cobra roadster on our list? You should know better. There are four capital letters that make all the difference here, and those are D, O, H and C. Yup, under the hood of this otherwise sedate roadster lives a monster, the 4.6-liter Ford 4-valve DOHC V8. This was the hottest iteration of the Modular engine series until the Coyote debuted, but this millennial power plant still excites dedicated Ford enthusiasts.

Stock power figures for the 4-valve came in at between 305, and 390 hp depending on the application, but that’s hardly the whole story. This engine boasts an aluminum block, 6-bolt mains, four valves per cylinder and fixed-length intake runners.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, high-revving track machine, this Factory Five roadster could be the perfect starting point. At $35,000, this FFR is priced competitively with lesser-equipped examples and has some nice upgrades, including forged pistons, 3.75-inch stroker crank and four-wheel discs with ABS.

See the seller’s ad here on the RCN Classifieds.

 #2 Superlite GT-R x 2!

It’s entirely possible to suffer a small heart attack while researching Ford GTs for sale. These cars are all hardly driven and command values from $250,000 to over $500,000. While Ford never tested the GT’s mettle on the track, a privateer husband and wife team, Dave and Andrea Robertson, did, taking the car all the way to a third place finish at Le Mans in 2011.

Honoring the Robertsons and their race tuned Ford GT, is the Superlite GT-R. The GT-R closely mimics the Robertson’s modified GT and is based on Superlite’s high-tech, billet aluminum suspension and aluminum semi-monocoque chassis.

These GT-Rs are ready to sell as a pair or individually, and include $20,000 worth of optional extras each. Both come equipped with a Graziano transaxle installed Forgestar F14 wheels and a hydraulic front lift setup. Just choose gray gelcoat and black wheels, or white gel and silver wheels.

If a Superlite has been on your list, these rollers could help you skip the wait time and get to building. See the seller’s ad here on the RCN Classifieds

#1 No Intro Needed: Superformance MkII GT40

The MkII GT40 needs no introduction, and we don’t have the space here to give it one. This particular example is a brand new Superformance GT40 roller painted in the 1966 Le Mans-winning McLaren and Amon livery.

You couldn’t need or want anything more in a GT40, as this one’s loaded with optional extras including paint, gold-finish pin-drive wheels, Avon tires, Gurney Bubble and impeccable interior. The car is listed at $133,500 as a roller, or can be purchased with a Roush 427 for $160,000. If the math checks out for you and you want to avoid the lead time, this GT could be the one for you.

There’s not a single automotive enthusiast whose life wouldn’t be improved seeing this in their garage every morning, and for that, it deserves a spot on our list. See the seller’s ad here on the RCN Classifieds.

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