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Five Factory Fives that Fit in a $50,000 Budget

By Jeff Bruss

FFR 33 Roadster $55,000

This Factory Five '33 Ford looks to be done up quite well. High-quality paint, heat, A/C and a nicely appointed interior. Wearing only 3,000 miles, the 347-stroker is barely broke-in. What is probably is broken-in are the 20" rear Michelin Pilot Sports that are trying to hold back 475 horsepower of tread-ripping fun. A classic 1933 Ford done tastefully for $55,000, which is presumably close to the cost of the build. Find it on Craigslist in Southington, Connecticut.


FFR GTM $57,500

If a classic '33 Ford isn't your style and you want to trick non-car people into thinking you’re driving an old McLaren, then step up to this Factory Five GTM. The GTM appears to be a relatively bare-bones build with an LS engine putting out 400 horsepower paired to a five-speed manual. Leather seats, A/C and single in-dash CD player round out the "I'm almost a supercar" interior. Located in Tampa, Florida, the owner is asking $57,500 for the Grand Touring Milano.

See it here on Tampa area Craigslist.

FFR Daytona Coupe $48,000

Stop. Yes, it's an automatic. But let's look past that. The curves are delicious in red. The black wheels paired with the black side pipes give it some intimidation. The 351 Windsor should still provide plenty of grunt, regardless of how you make the gears change. The 3.73-ratio rear diff will make give it even more low-end grunt and disc brakes on all four corners will try to keep you out of trouble when your right foot stays planted a bit longer than it should. Take the first bus to Albuquerque along with $48,000 and drive this coupe home using just one leg.

Check out the seller's ad here on Albuquerque Craigslist.

FFR Cobra $27,500 and  FFR 818 $25,000

It's a twofer! Why not enjoy all the fun of a Cobra and all the practicality of an 818! The 818 has always been a confusing little thing. Kind of looks like the evolution of a Toyota MR2. This one has been morphed with a whole pile of WRX parts to further confuse its heritage. It may have more WRX parts than an actual 2007 WRX. You can grab this Factory Five 818 in Saint Charles, Illinois for $25,000. But why stop there? For an extra $26,500 you can grab this nicely done FFR Cobra in Placitas, New Mexico too. It's got a 302, five-speed and less than 2,000 miles on the odometer.

Check out the sellers' ads for more information:



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