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Carbon Fiber FFR MkI For Sale

Carbon fiber Factory Five MkI Cobra

By Dean Larson

If you’re after the ultimate lightweight material for performance vehicles, you’re after carbon fiber. Unfortunately its weight savings and desirable weave pattern command a premium price though, making carbon fiber vehicles pretty few and far between. Of the thousands of Factory Five Cobra kits that have been sold, only a few were ever made in this desirable composite, and this example selling on the RCN classifieds is one of them.

Sources vary on the subject, but the consensus is that Factory Five made between 20 and 25 carbon fiber MkI bodies back in the late 1990s. The carbon weave shaved 40 to 50 pounds off the weight of a MkI body, but added considerably to its cost. We’re not certain why the factory stopped offering the carbon fiber option, but we’re not aware of any other carbon FFR roadsters made since.

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On the surface, this MkI might look like any other early Factory Five Cobra, but the original buyer (and current owner) spec’d it in the pricey composite. Paint and a full interior entirely disguise the carbon fiber from detection, making it a bit of a sleeper, or one hell of a conversation piece.

As for mechanicals, the car is completed like many other early FFRs. Under the hood is a balanced and blueprinted 302, built up with Ford GT40 heads and a GT40 intake. The GT40 heads and intake are off-the-shelf Ford parts, and are a great budget option for making reliable horsepower. A T5 transmission handles the gear changes and a 3.55:1 limited-slip differential puts the power to both wheels. The builder did go above and beyond with the chassis though, adding stiffening and impact braces throughout.

Without the rare carbon fiber option, we’d say this car fits in well with other Cobras in the $30,000 to $35,000 range. The question now is how much additional value you place on the lightweight composite body. That’s a tough one to answer with such few direct comparisons, but we’re certain you wont find a carbon fiber Cobra cheaper than this one at $37,500.

See the seller’s ad here on the RCN classifieds.

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