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						Budget Speedster 2

Budget Speedster

By Jeff Bruss

For somewhere between $8,500 and $9,500, depending on if you want to supply your own power plant, you can take home this Porsche 356 Speedster replica. No mention of the body manufacturer, but it wears a cement grey paint job that looks decent in the minimal photos included in the ad. The owner states that the floor pans need installation, as does the engine. For the extra thousand bucks you get a rebuilt dual-port 1600 cc engine with dual carbs, well worth the extra dough in my opinion. No photos of the interior are included, but the owner states it has a "black interior," so one can assume it's complete. What is shown is a nice set of Porsche VDO gauges with a heads-up tach and a 150 mph speedometer indicating 2 miles on the clock. My guess is it would not take much more than a Saturday to get this thing running. With the grey paint and black steelies, it definitely has an outlaw look (as the owner puts it). If you've got nine grand and are located near New Brunswick, PA, this could be a fun little car for the money.

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