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Beck, Lister and the Small Block Chevrolet

Beck-Lister Chevrolet replica

By Dean Larson

With a name like Beck-Lister Corvette replica, you can be assured that there’s a lot of history packed into this two-seater. The story really starts Brian Lister who founded the Lister Motor Company back in 1954. Among many successful racing cars, the company built the much-admired Lister Jaguar and Lister Knobbly race cars, which utilized Jaguar driveline components in a chassis and body developed by Lister. Many Lister kits were sent to the States, and it wasn’t long before Americans were test fitting small-block Chevrolet engines between the Lister’s frame rails. While these V8-powered Listers were not as successful as their Jaguar-derived brothers, the formula was worth revisiting, and Lister unveiled a Chevrolet V8-powered race car in 1959 with bodywork by Frank Costin. The Lister-Chevrolet saw limited success on the race track, but the concept has been revisited several times since in the replica car market thanks to parts availability and the uniqueness of Lister’s designs. 

The model for sale here on eBay was designed by Chuck Beck of Porsche replica fame. The car is lengthened slightly to improve cockpit space and resembles the Knobbly to a greater degree than the Costin-designed Lister-Chevrolet. With ample space under the long and bulging hood, all sorts of V8s have been installed in the Lister, and this one features a GM Performance ZZ430 crate engine. With a radical camshaft, aluminum heads and fuel injection, GM was able to squeeze 430 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque from the engine’s 350-ci displacement. The ZZ430 installed here has been backdated with a carburetor and utilizes long-runner headers that route into the car's sidepipes.

The exterior of the Lister is finished with a traditional color scheme and kidney bean-style wheels. The small windshield echoes Lister-Jaguar origins while a small headrest bump and giant hood bulge keep things knobbly. The interior has been finished to a very high degree with leather covering nearly ever surface in the interior, and a Nardi wood wheel looks right at home. The finished product is well executed and likely the most attractive of its breed for sale currently.

Offered new for $55,000, this Beck-Lister has a lot to offer in the price range. See the seller’s ad here on eBay.

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