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						Beck Gts
Special Edition Beck GTS

Beck GTS earns a first-place At the Pittsburgh Vintage Gran Prix

At the Pittsburgh Vintage Gran Prix, the Beck GTS, a Porsche 904 replica from Special Edition, garnered a first-place finish in the Historic Big Bore class. Manning the wheel was Randy Beck, son of the car’s developer, Chuck Beck. Randy is a full-time employee of Special Edition and a longtime driver in POC, VRG, SCCA, HSR events. What made this achievement all the more unusual was the engine choice. “We normally run our big 3.8L RSR motor in this car,” explains Special Edition’s Carey Hines. “But we blew it up at the 24-Hour Daytona Classic last year, so we ran a bone-stock 3.6L from a ‘91 911 (964) rated at 252 hp at the crank.” (That engine is down more than 100 hp from the RSR motor!) Even though the car is still blistering fast with that power, it’s not what the Special Edition crew is used to. “So Randy had to drive his ass off to stay ahead of the GT40s,” Carey notes. “They would pull away from him pretty hard in the straights, but he could go deeper into the corners and the GTS handling is far superior in the curves, so we drove around them every time.” As rolling proof, Randy’s average lap was just under four seconds quicker than the closest GT40, Carey says. 



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