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Lister Costin Continuation

Finding success in its 60th Anniversary Knobbly continuation back in 2014, Lister Motor Company Ltd. will now replicate its successor, the Costin, for delivery in 2018.

The 1959 Lister Costin was named after the successful aerodynamicist who penned its sloping lines, Frank Costin. Replacing the successful Knobbly, the Costin was to be a brand new car utilizing the Chevrolet Corvette engine with an aerodynamic body and new space frame. It was found that the space frame took longer to develop than planned, so Costin’s new aluminum bodywork was added to the existing chassis and Jaguar six-cylinder.

The new continuation Costin will be built to 1959 specification and will feature a handmade aluminum body and 337 hp Jaguar 3.8-liter. Lister also proudly claims that three engineers who worked on the original Costin will be present for its construction, beginning in 2017. Lister has not specified how many Costins will be built but has released that each will cost £295,000 ($367,000) plus tax. Also, those wanting to convert their Costin for road use will need to fork over an extra £12,500 ($15,620).

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