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Street-Legal ​Lister Knobbly Continuation

By Dean Larson

Photos Courtesy of Lister Motor Company

Since the brand’s revival in 2013, the Lister Motor Company has released several exciting continuation series cars. The most recent, is a new Knobbly for delivery in 2018 that will be FIA certified and street legal.

To meet current FIA regulations (and the demands of discerning buyers), the Knobbly would have to be as close as possible to the original. To start, Lister called three former engineers out of retirement to oversee the project and dusted off original manufacturing jigs for the construction of its tubular chassis. The exaggerated curves that inspired the Knobbly name are formed by hand from aluminum alloy, a process that is reported to take up to 500 hours. Powering the Lister is your choice of Jaguar 4.2 and 3.8-liter six-cylinder engines and a four-speed manual transmission.

Lister’s production volume is low enough to buy them a pass on many of the U.K.’s regulations for road-going vehicles, but some concessions were made for safety and practicality including adequate lighting, mirrors, a flush-mounted fuel cap, a collapsible steering column and fluid level sensors. The Knobbly also received a padded dashboard, indicators and rollover protection and has had its potentially dangerous wheel spinners removed.

What does it take to get your hands on the Lister? If you can get on the (what we assume to be) very limited list, you’ll have to part with £225,000 (around $290,000) for the 4.2-liter version, and £295,000 (around $381,000) for the 3.8-liter, dry-sump version. Here in the U.S., it's unlikely that we'll receive many Knobblys, and if we did, they wouldn't meet our bumper laws, collision standards or air pollution standards. But don't worry, we'll formally request for Lister to consider building one that complies with the upcoming Low Volume Motor Vehicle Act.

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