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						Beck 904 Roller 11
Beck 904 Roller

Beck 904 roller for auction on BringaTrailer.com

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, BringaTrailer.com

The Porsche 904 is one of those rare cars that crosses and negates all party lines. Its shape is as beautiful as it is simple; there’s no excess, its beauty is in its functionality. It’s a perfectly balanced design, and arguably one of Stuttgart’s best.

And then there’s the performance. From its 1,966cc type 587/3 engine, the 904 had 180 hp on tap by the end of its run. The engine was said to be extremely difficult to assemble, but it proved to be very durable in competition. With light weight and reliable performance on its side, the 904 was a star, achieving top finishes at Le Mans, the Targa Florio, Reims, Sebring and more.

Porsche built just over 100 904s, and if you can find one for sale today, you had better also be able to find about $1.6 million in your piggy bank — unquestionably out of reach for us mortals. Enter then the Beck 904. It’s designed and built by well-regarded firms, and it’s rather close to the real deal. Beck rollers start at $65,000, and you could have a turn-key example for somewhere around $75,000. There’s just one catch though. You’ll have to wait about two years to get one, as the car is in high demand.

This Beck 904 roller up for auction on BringaTrailer.com is one way to jump the line, and should sell for a healthy amount less than MSRP. It’s been through two owners since delivered in 2015, but hasn’t logged a mile on its odometer. It’s finished in Albert Blue, and features the telltale ducktail spoiler, Hella fog lights and dual rear-view mirrors. The car has acquired a couple flaws over its idle years, including a scratch on the rear spoiler and a crack in one of its headlight covers. Fuchs-style wheels are fitted, and the car is wired and plumbed for a Porsche air-cooled flat-six.

So what should you expect to bid for this Beck to make it yours? Admittedly math isn’t our specialty, but here’s our bet. The car MSRPs from Beck at $65,000, and the folks at BaT can be real sticklers about placing a “sensible reserve price” on your car, which is often less than you’d hope. The owner will make the argument that buying their car circumvents the two-year wait, but that likely won’t add up to much. However, you’ll need to account for BaT’s five-percent buyer’s fee on top of your bid.

Our bet is you’ll have to bid $50,000 to $58,000, paying $52,500 to $60,900 after buyer’s premium to win the car. But as we always say, anything can happen on BaT. Get two or three buyers who want a 904 today, and this baby could hit $70,000.

Check out the auction here on BringaTrailer.com, which closes on Thursday, March 4.

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