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Chamonix Brand for Sale

Chamonix for Sale

For Sale: Entire replica car brand including trademark, tooling, jigs and molds.

Price: $250,000 OBO

We’re paraphrasing a little here, but it appears that the Chamonix Porsche replica brand is for sale on eBay. By the time you read this, the ad will be expired, but for $250,000, the Chamonix trademark and all jigs and tooling to produce the 550 Spyder, 550 S Spyder, Speedster and Super 90 Cabriolet are for sale in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The eBay ad excludes the manufacturers name, but a quick internet search reveals similar ads using the Chamonix name and the location of the eBay ad matches. For each model, some 40 to 60 molds are included for interior and exterior fiberglass parts, as well as over 12 jigs for metal parts, wiring and trim. Also included in the sale are files with part numbers, prices and suppliers, a master chassis, tube bending manuals and plans and many in-process components.

Chamonix has been producing replicas since the late 1980s and has been affiliated with Puma Cars and Special Edition/Beck. 


**We've received clarification that the Chamonix brand is not for sale and the trademark is still owned by Beck/Special Edition. The seller here is attempting to sell some old tooling sold by Chamonix when when they left Brazil and returned to the United States. The sale of the tooling is not a problem, but the seller included in the description that "the trade mark is included in the deal," which it is clearly not. This should be treated as the sale of old tooling, not a turnkey business as they've made it out to be.**

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