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13K Fiberglassic Shootout

13K Fiberglass Classics

By Jeff Bruss

Someone, somewhere out there has $13,000 in their pocket and a hankering for a 1970s fiberglass kit car. Where will you wisely throw your Benjamins? Let us help you decide.

In the 1980s, America had a fascination with cars on television – Knight Rider, the General Lee, the A-Team van, Simon & Simon's Dodge Power Wagon and this little obscurity – the Hardcastle and McCormick Coyote X. The Coyote was loosely based off the McClaren M6GT. This faithful representation appears to be sitting in a locksmith's shop in Riverside, California. Despite its velvet-roped indoor existence, the body is covered in dust, and oddly, the interior floor is covered in dirt. If you can see past the grime, this Coyote still has some bite. The turbocharged VW engine is pretty dang cool. It's even got a bundle of snakes, albeit a small bundle, header system. The soiled and dented air filter adds just the right amount of "I've performed stunts" provenance. If this beauty runs, I'd imagine it's got a very unique sound and provides smile-filled driving. There's something I like about this car, although it's probably not the seller's $13,500 asking price.

If the Coyote isn't your thing, this 1976 Sterling Nova is a little more show-ready. It was featured in the April 1990 issue of Kit Car magazine and the owner will pass along the back issues for authenticity. The VW-based engine is covered, like really covered, in chrome. Little side-draft carbs poking out are about the only thing not covered in shiny metal lava. Multiple show stickers adorn the rear hatch and the owner states the obvious, "draws a crowd wherever it is" because, yeah. When I step back and look at this car though, I've got to admire the lines. They have an almost De Tomaso Pantera look to them. If only a 351 Cleveland were perched behind the driver... then we'd have something. The rear tail lamps do leave a bit to be desired and a wheel upgrade might also help. But truly, I'd drive this as-is in a pair of parachute pants with a Metallica tee shirt all day long. Find it in Albuquerque, New Mexico for $13,000.

So, with $13,000 to spend, which fiberglassic would you choose? Personally, I'd offer $6,500 each and hope to land them both.

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