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						’06 Ffr Gtm 6
A GTM That’s Just Right

LS3-powered 2006 Factory Five GTM

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

While the initial impression is on the plain side, this Factory Five caught my eye because it’s everything I think your average GTM should be. It’s exotic looking, but not overdone. There aren’t any radical aero treatments or flashy graphics, but it’s clear that money was been spent in the right places when you see the LS3 and six-speed transaxle under the hatch, and the wide Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. In my opinion, this GTM does everything it should, and nothing more — just right for a homebuilt exotic.

Claimed to be a 2006 model year, this GTM is an early build that allegedly was shown at the SEMA Show several times. It wears an uninterrupted black exterior, which highlights the flat planes on the GTM body. Wheel selection is tasteful, two-piece, forged BBS LMs, which wear Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Accented by a sole “GTM” emblem on the rear, this one is likely to get plenty of inquiring minds at car shows and fuel stops.

Clearly visible under the rear hatch is a GM LS3 E-Rod crate engine hooked to a Porsche G50 six-speed transaxle. Originally rated at 430 hp, this engine has been upgraded to 511 hp, evidenced by an earlier listing on Mecum Auctions’ website. With that sort of power on tap, six forward gears and an average weight around 2,200-2,400 pounds, this GTM hits its designers’ goal of a serious super car that you can build at home.

While there are no photos of the interior featured in this ad, the earlier Mecum ad has a few that highlight the well-appointed cabin. Inside, you’ll find Racetech seats, an NRG steering wheel, Auto Meter Pro-Comp gauges, air conditioning and a sound system.

The seller is asking $69,500, which is strong money for this car. If you’re looking for bargaining chips, this same GTM was bid to $57,500 at Mecum back in 2017, suggesting its market value is somewhere in that range.

Check out the GTM here on Houston Craigslist.

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