I’d Bite on this $4,500 Mustang

Posted June 11, 2019

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

Any list of the most significant American cars ever built will include the Ford Mustang, and you can take that to the bank. For its pioneering role in the pony car market and celebrity status on the big screen, the Mustang is more than just an icon in the automotive world; it’s an American cultural icon. And perhaps no generation of Mustang did more to cement its status than the first generation.

The story of the first-gen Mustang is truly one of a well-conceived and perfectly marketed product, lining up with developing social trends. Without getting too far down the rabbit hole, you could say that the sporty new Mustang found widespread support across social segments, from the rebellious youths, to dedicated drivers, and even your average schoolteacher who wanted a sporty convertible.

The Mustang was small, affordable and fun to drive, and it was embraced by pop culture, as seen in the ’64 film Goldmember and the track “Mustang Sally” in 1966. Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds, Diamonds Are Forever and other films would follow, keeping the Mustang in the limelight as it grew into the 1970s. For its roles on the screens, radios, race tracks and roadways in the United States, a classic Mustang will always be a collector and a symbol of popular American culture.

Some 50 years later, it’s tough to get into such a significant vehicle for cheap, one exception may be the VW Beetle, but that’s not quite the same scenario. Either way, this $4,500 Mustang is worth a look, BECAUSE THE DAMN THING RUNS AND DRIVES. Finding a running classic Mustang for that price is nearly unheard of in my neck of the woods, let alone a factory 289 car.

This one sports the lower two-barrel spec, but I’d say you’re still way better off than starting with a six-cylinder car, which would be all you’d see in this price range. I’d upgrade the 289 to four-barrel spec and source a toploader four-speed and have the Mustang you want for cheap.

There’s clearly some bodywork to be done here, as the car is fairly dented up and appears to have been rattle-canned quite aggressively. But unlike most projects in this price range, you can drive this car and enjoy it as you upgrade it, which will help keep you motivated.

If you’re sold on the ’Stang, then I’d suggest quickly grabbing a truck, trailer and all the aircraft-grade paint stripper you can source, and heading to Smyrna, Tennessee, because this one probably won’t last long.

See the seller’s ad here on Nashville Craigslist.

**It certainly didn't last long. Less than 48 hours after it was posted, this old Mustang found a new owner. Stay tuned for more Craigslist finds.**

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