Decoding a Meyers Manx Data Tag

Posted September 20, 2018

The Meyers Manx buggy is all about having fun, but with steadily climbing sale prices, the Manx is starting to be taken a bit more seriously. If you’re buying, restoring or valuing a Manx buggy, its original configuration could mean everything, and to find that information, you have to turn to the factory Meyers Manx data tag.

Like full-fledged production auto manufacturers, Meyers Manx listed critical information about its product on a metal data tag using a series of numbers and letters. If your data tag remains with your Manx today and is still legible, you can quickly find the model of your body, the month and year the body was finished, its production number and its factory color. The following is the best available information for decoding your Manx data tag gathered from the top Manx forums. For proof of concept, we’ll decode a random Manx VIN here that we found online.

The tag we’ll be decoding today reads as follows: M2499J812E. Comparing the information here to our Manx data tag, we get the following breakdown:

M = Manx*

2499 = Production number*

J = October

9 = 1969

12 E = Fuchsia Metalflake

Why the asterisk? Well, it signifies that we’re unclear on whether our Manx VIN details a Manx II, or if our Manx was number 2,499 off the production line. To find out, we’d have to have the buggy in front of us to make some measurements and look at the rear seating area and hood. However, the spacing on the tag suggests that this is indeed number 2,499.

Compare your tag to the information below to decipher your Manx body’s original specification. Note, there are a few missing codes across all sources.


M = Manx

M2 = Manx 2 or it may be an A. This is a Manx 2 before Bruce left the company

XXXX = Production number

Letters A through L = Month

X = Year the body was finished

XXX = Color

Metalflake Colors

1E - Brilliant Silver

2E - Sand

3E - Pale Gold

4E - Dark Gold

5E - Golden Fiesta

6E - Chartreuse

7E - Golden Orange

8E - Bright Orange

9E - Apricot

10E - Brilliant Red

11E - Jubilee

12E - Fuchsia

13E - Purple

14E - Prussian Blue

15E - Royal Blue

16E - Peacock

17E - Medium Blue

18E - Aqua

19E - Spring Green

20E - Emerald

21E - River Green

22E - Cold Fire

23E - Sea Green

24E - Ice Blue

25E - Sky Blue

26E - Lavender

27E - Salmon

28E - Shell Pink

29E - Nutmeg

30E - Brilliant Copper

31E - Antique Brown

32E - Black Fox

33E - Holiday

34E - Antique Blue

35E - Gun Metal

36E - Soft Black


Solid Colors

13S - Tangerine Red

?E - Competition Orange

31S - Lime Green

22S - Yuma Yellow

26S - Royal Blue

27S - Corinthian White

32S - Dark Green


Extra Tow'd Colors (The Tow'd was a special version of the Manx not legal for street use)

43R - Red/Orange

53N - Powder BlueÂ

For further reading, check out these sources:


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