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						2014 Meyers Manx Raffle 1

Meyers Manx Raffle

Get your kicks in a Meyers Manx Kick-Out! And here’s a shot at winning one by buying a raffle ticket. Note that this contest is only open to members of the Manx club, but joining is a simple matter.

The club is open to not only Manx owners, but also those who’d just like to own a Manx. Price of admission is $30, which gets you a subscription to the club’s quarterly color magazine. The raffle will be held on July 13, 2014 at the Big Bear Bash fun run event in Big Bear, CA (provided enough tickets have been sold). Tickets are $20 each, or an 11-pack for $200.

The raffle Manx shown here, with an estimated value of $35K, is probably worth much more, since it’s loaded with all sorts of hot stuff, and built in part by Bruce Meyers. Rather than a traditional VW Type 1 engine, the Kick-Out S.S. runs a Subaru 2.5-liter mill, tuned by Outfront to deliver 170 horses and 166 lb/ft of torque. Fitted in a shortened VW chassis with Empi 4-wheel disc brakes, this engine is good for blasting from 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds, and a 1/4-mile spring of 14.2 seconds at 94 mph. Comforts include PRP upholstered buckets that are fitted with seat heaters, lumbar supports and massagers. Aside from the Moon barefoot gas pedal, stereo and Speedhut gauges, the rest of cockpit is beach-blanket basic.

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Meyers Manx Raffle