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Double Trouble

Denmat Cars builds Meyers Manx style VWs

The Denmat brothers John and David turn heads, not only because they’re identical twins, but also for transforming the iconic kits from Bruce Meyers into remarkable turnkey sport cars. Their Cape Cod shop specializes in custom design, fabrication and assembly of Meyers Manx kits using proven components and attention to detail. 

Offered on a “commission build” basis, this term refers to the pricing of kits and components, which are are custom-ordered for each build. Because parts are not held in inventory, all components and related shipping are invoiced at cost. Basically the customer buys the parts, and Denmat’s final invoice includes the agreed to labor, parts, shipping and tax. 

Denmat Cars can assemble a range of buggies, everything from a basic two-seat, air-cooled Manx up through a 300hp water- cooled (Turbo Subaru) Manxter 2+2. Currently in the shop and nearing completion is a custom, long-wheelbase Meyers Kick-Out SS, powered by an all-new, air-cooled 2007cc stroker motor to match its hot rod style. Both brothers are factory Trained VW (air-cooled) and Mercedes-Benz Technicians, which also includes professional race car preparation and driving. And they both have AAS degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

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