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Beemer Rebody

BMW Rebody

John Washington at Reaction Research and ZTrix.com is well known for his Datsun Z-car conversions, but he will debut a new design and donor platform this coming summer: a BMW Z3-based ZGT.

The ZGT is a retro/rebody package for the 1996-2002 BMW Z3 cars that use the proven 3-series sedan mechanicals. The Z3s were produced in large numbers, which helps keep resale prices reasonable. Replacement mechanical parts and performance upgrades are plentiful.

The design of the ZGT is inspired by BMW’s 1956-1959 507, hailed as one of its most beautiful offerings, and one of the most desired cars among collectors.

Installation of the ZGT body requires no cutting or welding of the Z3 unibody. Almost all the panels bolt on using factory hinges, latches, and other factory hardware, with a few smaller trim panels utilizing panel adhesive. ZGT build time is estimated to be approximately 40 hours.

You can see the extensive ZGT design/build blog at www.fb.com/zgtcar. It chronicles the interesting and extensive design process for this project. Shown here is a sneak preview of the prototype when it rolled out of the shop for a fit check before final molds were made this Spring.

Bmw Z3 Based Zgt Rebody 2

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